The Bible’s Stance On the Flat Earth Notion

Many centuries before Galileo, Christopher Columbus, Isaac Newton attested to fact that earth was spherical, ideologies posited that the planet was flat with backings from holy scriptures. Popular knowledge that earth was flat lasted for centuries as people of that era did not know any better. As time moved on, with help of ships, a realization of adventure, man took upon himself to discover his world beyond. Daring to explore far, wide places yet to be known, conquered, he realized that earth was indeed not flat with geographical, logical, experiential proof. One thing humans know for sure during that time was that the world is very large.

In the bible, looking through Genesis, first chapter verse two stated that earth was without form, void with darkness roaming upon its face deep. To an extent that was an acute description of earth before creation began. As straight forward as that verse is, clearly seen, there was no distinct shape to earth before sequential phases of creation began. First, note that earth’s terrain was without form which simply means an unshaped planet. This verse further added that emptiness in bearing, being indistinct as to physical structure in terms of topography. Scriptures did not exactly point out if planet was spherical, triangular, flat or even rectangular. Holy record clearly stated that from beginning, earth was shapeless and empty.

Medieval era did not easily welcome

Looking deeper into holy verses, after creation had happened, man spread across the earth’s surface. Holy writings speculate that earth has corners, referring earth as having four corners of the world mentioned in Isaiah chapter eleven, Revelation chapter seven, twenty. This chapters from specific books of scriptures was used by religious cynics to argue that four corners of this world verified that earth was flat and not spherical.

Medieval era did not easily welcome enlightenment of the planet beyond sight, short sighted scholars who practiced Christianity promoted notions that the world was flat using sacred verses to attest to their myopic ideologies which misguided individuals for a long time. This made them look intelligent, popular, confident, while making real scientist who sought for fact look like they were against teachings of scriptures, Christianity as a whole.

The Bible's Stance On the Flat Earth Notion

The bible as we know, being a book of books containing holy writings is open to interpretation and has suffered misinterpretation by misguided individuals who give analyses according to their feelings to suit a particular time or situation.

Holy verses never give verifiable inaccuracy or contradicts itself in stating that earth is flat neither does it say exactly that it is spherical in shape. Rather, in the book of Job chapter thirty-eight verse thirteen and fourteen, verses clearly show elements that proves non conformity as to what particular shape the planet takes. Job takes care to describe earth taking shape like terracotta under an impress. Metaphoric features described in that verse made no absolute claim to earth’s flatness but rather implied its measurement in terms of cardinal pointers. Holy scriptures can be interpreted in many ways but its standpoint view about planetary shapes are subliminal.