If the bible condemns jewelry

The bible first condemn wearing of jewelry because there is nowhere in the bible where we are told that wearing such kind of jewelry is bad. It just depend on the type of jewelry that somebody is wearing. In most of the stories or examples of people who have used the jewelry in the bible they use the jewelry as a symbol of gifts. That is what even today people are doing by offering jewelry to others as a gift or sign or lobe. Therefore, the bible doesn’t condemn jewelry as the jewelry maybe form of faith or commitment to others.

There are other bible verses that

There are other bible verses that talks about the wear of jewery as being wrong. Like there’s where it is said that any woman should not have a man’s garment while a man should not have that wear of a woman. Therefore, the bible says that it is not good for us to wear clothes that are not fit for us as some are doing this is prohibited in the bible. The bible says that wearing makeup, jewelry , or any kind of cosmetics is not a sin . You put your identity in these things is when it becomes a problem. For example, when you wear so much makeup all the time, that you’re literally unrecognizable without jewelry.

If the bible condemns jewelry

Therefore, with the bible verses that talks on the jewelry there is those that will condemn jewelry but this depends on the type that you have. In bible someone is not supposed to have cuttings in the body. Pierced ears, does this, allows demons in witches put curses on jewelry. Christians need to be aware of this because many are those with ratings on their ears, noses, or some that are going to the extent of having them on their novels.

Some passages do discourage the act of wearing showy jewelry as prideful status symbols or for boasting. The difference is the purpose of the jewelry can be worn, but wear of spiritual adornments are much more important for Christians. Outward adornments are always compared to inward attitudes and outward actions. In some verses of the bible plainting of hair is condemned as we see that there is a verse that says that women should always cover their hair while praying before God. Therefore, with the reading of the bible then any style of hair, dress, make-up or jewelry that does not reflect the humble nature of a sinner, any person should not have.