The Purpose Of Life According To The Bible

The Bible carries the gospel, and the gospel is the good news. God was existing even before the creations of things by Him. He spoke to His son, Jesus Christ, man should be created in the image of His. Adam became the first human being to ever exist, there was a purpose for the creation of Adam. The Almighty God would not want to be alone; He has to make man in His statue. All should know we are in the image of the Lord, and try to be godly. Life is a quality of living things given to us by God.

Everyone has a purpose in this

Everyone has a purpose in this world; the reason varies from person to person. The Holy Spirit is needed to help discover the aim of life. Adam and Eve were formed to reproduce according to the scriptures. Spreading the gospel is a main reason for the existence of life. Abraham was made the father of numerous nations, so men are the descendants of Abraham. Moses was created to deliver the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians; this maybe be the purpose why Moses was sent by God to rescue them. Every purpose is always determined by God, and must surely come into fulfillment.

Life is like a book written

Life is like a book written down or already planned by the Almighty. Joseph who was not an Egyptian became the ruler of Egypt; this shows God’s superiority. David who walked in the path of the Lord overcomed a giant warrior. Bible points out he never lost any battle; it may be the purpose of David’s life to help Israel win wars. It would not prevent God from being who He is if humans had not existed. Daniel demonstrated the power of God when he was thrown in the den of lions. The Lord delivered him to prove He is the master of the universe.

The Purpose Of Life According To The Bible

Sin started right from the beginning when Lucifer tried to be God. He was cast into the lake of burning fire by the Almighty God. The devil wants other people to be with him that is why Eve was tempted first by him. From there, the rate of sin increased and was passed down from generation to generation. The Heavenly Father saw the extension of sin among individuals was very high. He then decided to wipe them out using water, but Noah and his family were saved. They were saved because of their obedience, and to continue with the existence of mankind.

Jesus came to die for our sins because all individuals coming into the world have sinned and come short of God’s glory. Christ was sent to bridge the gap between the old and new testaments. The purpose why Jesus died on the cross was to bring sinners back to God. Everyone has a main purpose in life according to the Holy Bible. The disciples were made to be with Jesus, and to continue with the spreading of the gospel. Apostle Paul who was killing Christians became a Christian, and kept on preaching the Gospel of Christ.

The purpose of a man maybe to save a city, state or nation from destruction. Jonah was sent by God to preach to the people of Nineveh because of their sinful ways. He did run away although, but the mission was still accomplished after he came out of the whale’s belly. God’s purpose for man will surely come to pass regardless of the situation. Plants are part of the creations of God; He made them to function as a source of meal for man. They are also used to make things like furniture and herbal medicine. Humans make use of the outer covering of animals; it can be used to manufacture leather.

Death comes in when life on Earth is over; life does not end here. Why are we in this world? This is question ringing in the minds of people. The purpose of two people can never be the same just as all fingerprints are different. A person’s destiny maybe to become a preacher; if the person does the work of a giver, he has not fulfilled his purpose. He needs the help of the Holy Spirit to discover that purpose. The purpose of life is what it is because the Lord has already destined it all.