One woman for one man

The bible is the word of God, a holy scripture that provides guidelines to those who profess the Christian faith, it provides solutions to all matters of life. Everything from the beginning to the end is provided for in the bible, the way God designed a family is such that partners would join to have intimacy plus companionship. The relationship is like that of Christ and the church, the same way the church must submit to the Lord is the same way a wife must submit to her husband. In the same way, a husband must love his wife the way Christ loves the church.

When God created human beings, he made them man and woman, blessed them telling them to be fruitful to fill the earth. Genesis 1: 26 to 28 shows the way God created only two people who were Adam and Eve, the creation of human beings according to the word of God shows that he intended one man for one woman only. In the book of Genesis 2:18 the holy book shows how Eve was created to provide companionship to the lonely man, just one female person was created for the male person indicating the intention of God.

Jesus came to strengthen the mosaic

Genesis 2: 24 explains why the two becomes one, the unity created between a male and a female is the beginning of family relationship. Here the word teaches that a man will leave his parents and be joined to his bride, the bible states a union of only two people of opposite gender. The first people to be made by the Lord became fruitful, brought forth children and mankind began. Biblical scriptures show the intentions of God were to have marriage relationships consisting of one female and one male. In the old testament, we see men of God who had multiple wives, divorce was not a big deal provided there was sufficient reason for divorce.

Jesus came to strengthen the mosaic laws but said divorce, polygamy was allowed because of stubborn hearts of those people. God hates divorce and expects the couples to be faithful to one another, once joined together in marriage only death should separate them. In 1 Corinthians 7:2, apostle Paul in the holy book urges each man to have one wife, similarly, each female to have one husband. Both partners are ordered to fulfil each other’s sexual desires.

Design of God of family relationship

Christianity derives its strength from the life of Jesus Christ, his followers have to follow his footsteps. He was born in a nuclear family, those who follow him should emulate the way he was raised by raising their families in the same way. Nowhere in the ministry of Jesus he promoted polygamy, those who profess Christianity should promote nuclear families.

Design of God of family relationship didn’t provide for infidelity, the vice is detestable before the eyes of God. Proverbs 5:18 and 19 says a man should only be satisfied by his bride, there is no room for unfaithfulness. To achieve the objective of God on marriage, we must avoid things that lead to unfaithfulness in marriage. Being faithful and loving is pleasant to God, where there is unity he commands a blessing.

One woman for one man

Apostle Paul urged couples to fulfil sexual desires of each other, when the sexual urge is not satisfied creates room for disobedience to the word of God. Such problem may trigger unfaithfulness, polygamy may start when a partner is unable to satisfy the other. Sexual immorality is on the rise because of lack of satisfaction, immorality is detestable, god hates it, the only way to avoid it is by satisfying one another according to his word.

Elders teach the youth who intend to enter into relationships on basic Christian principles including how to lead the marriage the way pleasant to God. The church follows the biblical teaching on relationships to teach young people how to live as Christ wanted. Family is a good thing, he who finds a wife obtains favor from God, the problem comes when couples are unable to tolerate one another. Both partners have individual responsibility to make the relationship work, respect for one another is important plus reading and practicing the word of God in obedience. Human beings were meant to live together as one male and one female.