Does the Bible really mention Christianity?

Christian is a religion that is based on the holy bible and their believers are also called Christian. Bible is originally an ancient book that record the creation of the world and various stories about God’s grace and blessing. These stories are not fiction because there are proof of these stories happening in real life at that time from various records in history such as an ancient book by Flavius Josephus.

Bible was written by God with

Bible was written by God with his prophet as a medium that is the reason why the contents are continuous. Even when they were written with hundreds or thousands of years gap and by different writers from different timeline. Christianity is widespread all over the world and become a major religion in some countries especially western countries. This religion believes that the world and everything in it were created by God. They believe in the Holy Trinity that consist of Father, son and the Holy Spirit that guide human throughout their life.

Does the Bible really mention Christianity?

Jesus is their prophet and messenger of God that came to the world to safe humans from eternal suffering in hell by exchanging them with his life by dying on the cross. But after three days he came back to life and go back to the heaven to wait for the judgement day or also known as the end of the world when he will come back to earth with his legion of angels to fight Satan and his legion of devils on earth.

In human realm, Jesus is the son of Mary and a carpenter called Joseph. Mary is Joseph my fiancĂ© and Mary is still a virgin when she was pregnant and Joseph must marry her because all of this is part of God’s plan. She became pregnant when an angel called Gabriel came and tell her that she will be pregnant with a son called Jesus and this son is the messenger of God. At that time, a king feel threatened by a prophecy that said that a new king will be born, so he ordered his people to kill every baby in that country. Mary’s baby is safe because they can’t find any lodging in the city, so they stayed in a barn and little God’s messenger was born in a barn.

Christianity is first mentioned in the New Testament, Acts 11 verse 26 after Barnabas brought Paul to Antioch where they taught disciples for about a year. Barnabas was an apostle that took missionary journeys together with Paul (formerly Saul). Paul is a well-known apostle. Before he became Jesus’s follower, he was known as someone that chased and killed countless early disciples of Jesus, the Christian. He stopped killing because one day when he was chasing the early disciple of Jesus. God appeared in front of him and blind him while asking why he betrayed Him. He felt afraid and that time he knew that he was wrong all this time and that the people he killed were the real disciple of God.